Excellent for weed control
Mixture Formulation
Caledonian kale
Fodder radish
Butisan 'S' Tolerant
Butisan 'S' is effective against:
Annual meadow grassGroundsel
Shepherd's purseSpeedwells
Dead NettleCranesbill
Quantity Discounts Available
3+ 0.5,000 Seed Units £48.45 per 0.5,000 Seed Unit (Save 5%)


Cocker mixture is Butisan ‘S’ tolerant.  If weed control is your priority, this is the mixture for you.  Full season cover for two years.  Derogation is required before spraying.

Crop height: 80-90cm

Supplied in 8 kilo, 0.5 hectare packs

 This product is packaged as Hi Bird

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