Gallops & Schooling Area Mixture

Designed to produce a dense, springy sward
Mixture Information
Pack Size10kg
Sowing Rate20-40kg/acre
Mixture Formulation
4% Crested Dogstail
20% slender Creeping Red Fescue
10% Smooth Stalked Meadowgrass
10% Creeping Red Fescue
28% Late Perennial Ryegrass
28% Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass
Quantity Discounts Available
31-150 KGs £54.63 per 10 KG Bag (Save 5%)
151-250 KGs £52.90 per 10 KG Bag (Save 8%)
251-500 KGs £51.75 per 10 KG Bag (Save 10%)
500+ KGs £48.88 per 10 KG Bag (Save 15%)

Gallops & Schooling Area Mixture

This mixture is designed to produce a very dense, springy sward, capable of withstanding very heavy wear and is of course also perfectly suited to racecourses and polo pitches. Naturally, the regular maintenance of this area will pay off by ensuring the turf maintains its springy nature.

*Mixed to order, delivered in 5-7 working days*

Price: £ each

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