Blue Circle

A multi-purpose, long term mixture
Constituent Table
White Clover290 seeds/m2
Early Perennial Ryegrass290 seeds/m2
Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass650 seeds/m2
Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (tet)125 seeds/m2
Late Perennial Ryegrass430 seeds/m2
Hybrid Ryegrass70 seeds/m2
Timothy570 seeds/m2
Growth Promoting Agent + Seed Film Coating
Quantity Discounts Available
6-15 Acres £75.50 per 1 Acre (Save £2)
16-29+ Acres £74.50 per 1 Acre (Save £3)

Blue Circle

Blue Circle is a multi-purpose, long term mixture designed for the farmer who wants exceptional all-round performance from his grass.

Blue Circle achieves this by having a selected range of ryegrasses of different heading dates and growth habits.  The combination of heading dates along with Timothy gives a flatter seasonal production curve.

Three high yielding clovers ensure maximum output whether grazing or conservation, as well as maximum production of Nitrogen through root nodule rhizobium.

Silage with a high dry matter is readily achieved with Blue Circle.

(Blue Circle is available without seed treatments and with organically produced constituents please contact us for more details)

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