Flower Rich Margin

Floristically enhanced field margin mixture
Mixture Formulation
Red Fescue
Crested Dogstail
Meadow Fescue
Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass
Black Knapweed
Oxeye Daisy
Birdsfoot Trefoil
Field Scabious
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Flower Rich Margin

Want to support wildlife on your land? Consider our CFE Field Margin Mixture.

Flower Rich Margin is an ideal mixture for field margins and buffers, containing a blend of 50% grasses and 50% wildflowers.

Sown either in spring or autumn and used as a permanent buffer or field margin, our CFE Field Margin Mix complies with Environmental Stewardship Schemes SW1 and AB8. Similarly, it is suitable for use on fallow land as part of the Ecological Focus Areas (EFA) scheme. For more details download our environmental mixtures brochure.

CFE Field Margin Mix contains UK native wildflowers, providing excellent habitats for pollinators, such as; bees and moths. In addition, it benefits farmland birds seeking food and suitable nesting sites.

Mixture formulation:
• Chewings Fescue
• Common Bent
• Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass
• Rough Stalked Meadow Grass
• Timothy
• Tall Fescue
• Sheeps Fescue
• Crested Dogstail
• White Clover
• Birdsfoot Trefoil
• Yellow Rattle
• Lesser Knapweed

More information on the benefits of growing field margin crops can be found here

Flower rich margin is an ideal mixture for field margins and buffers and provides the perfect habitat for bees and butterflies in its second year.

It comprises a blend of 80% grasses, containing varieties; Crested Dogstail and Meadow Fescue, and 20% wildflowers, including; Yarrow and Oxeye Daisy – to name a few.

Supplied in 10 kilo, 0.5 hectare packs

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More information on Environmental Mixtures, download a brochure

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