Uniform roots for pre or post utilisation swede
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Growing your own forage crop for your livestock smallholding can have many benefits; you get full traceability, and reducing your reliance on bought-in feed can improve your profitability – to name a few!

Swedes provide an excellent source of high energy winter feed for sheep or beef / dairy cows, and there are low production costs involved in growing it. Swedes can also be grown on a wide range of soil types, including clay and sandy loams, silt and peat.

Gowrie swede has high dry matter yields [what is DM?] and its uniform roots are easily eaten between November and January, enabling farmers to finish their lambs or to maintain them over-winter.

Gowrie swede has good disease resistance to both clubroot and powdery mildew, meaning that the roots maintain their shape and the leaves retain their yield and palatability to the grazing livestock. It also benefits from being frost tolerant so it can be successfully grown in harsher climates.

Graded seed for precision sowing is available on request.

For more information on sowing, growing costs, latest trial results data, and growing guidelines, request your brochure here.

Bred by the James Hutton Institute.

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