Highly digestible stubble turnip with huge tankard-shaped roots
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Stubble Turnips


Stubble turnips make an ideal fodder crop for smallholders and present a good example of fast-growing catch crops.

Smallholders can benefit from growing a forage crop. Free Growers Guide

The benefits of growing a forage crop are numerous and Stubble Turnips are a good fodder crop for the smallholder.

A forage crop will provide a highly digestible and palatable food source for livestock, whilst increasing profitability by reducing the cost of winter feedstock

The Samson variety features a large tankard shape with a purple root and it offers an attractive source of highly digestible and palatable fodder.
Because of its sweeter taste, recent trials show that livestock prefers to graze on the Samson variety.

Key features include:

  1. Suitable for all livestock including sheep lambs pigs dairy and beef cattle
  2. Economical to grow
  3. Highly digestible and palatable
  4. Sweeter taste makes it preferable to grazing livestock


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