A White Mustard bred for nematode control


Vitaro White Mustard produces a 1 metre tap root and is bred for Beet Cyst Nematode (BCN) control.

Vitaro White mustard is useful for reducing soil compaction. It also provides good biomass yields and can easily be incorporated into the soil as a green manure.

Incorporating fresh green cover crops such as Smash White Mustard into the soil, releases chemical substances that are able to provide natural control of nematodes and suppress soil-borne pests and diseases, as well as fungal pathogens and weeds.

The soil will also warm up quicker, enhancing biological activity.

Biofumigation works best on light textured, low organic matter soils.

♦ Vitaro White Mustard is susceptible to frost and should be protected accordingly

Vitaro White Mustard is recommended for smallholders

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